Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project Post 1 - Barnwood Letters

Levi's Letters

A month or two before Levi was born, we really started cracking the whip to finish his room. Tyler had a lot of good ideas for the room, and I will do a couple of posts on the things he made for the room, but my favorite thing in the room has to be Levi's letters. I wanted to make a sign with letters that spelled out Levi's name. It was my idea to use those gold letters that Hobby Lobby sells for $5 each, and spray paint them. We kicked around the idea of somehow using old barn wood for the sign, to attach the spray-painted letters to.

(Something similar to this piece of wood, but with the attached letters instead of painted-on letters)

So we (I use the term "we" lightly - the pictures will show who really did the work on this) painted the letters red to match the theme in the room, and then Tyler started picking out which piece of wood to use for the sign. The barn wood is actually sentimental - it came from Tyler's dad's house that he lived in when he was a young boy.

getting started on the project

After some brainstorming and tossing ideas back and forth, Tyler decided to try attaching each letter to it's own individial piece of wood. I didn't like the idea at first because I already had the sign invisioned on a single jagged-edged piece of wood, but after he got the first one mounted I knew it would be perfect. The pieces of wood he found were very weathered and have remnants of old wallpaper or newspaper from the house they were originally in.

Levi's letters

We attatched some twine with tiny screw-in eye hooks and we were finished! I doubt the letters will stay red for a long time. I am thinking when Levi outgrows his nursery, his big-boy room will have more of a camo theme (although when he's older he probably won't want anything in his room referred to as part of a "theme") - so in a couple of years the letters will probably get painted olive green. Why do I think this? Confession: I may or may not have found a great bargain from Ralph Lauren a few weeks ago for Levi's big-boy bed.
Camo sheets and pillowcases

The bargain was too good to pass up :) They are perfect!

Here are a few more pictures of Levi's letters:

The changing table in Levi's nursery was Tyler's when he was a baby


  1. love levi's letters! :) but i also love that i'm not the only one buys something in advance because it's a good deal! i think kyle and i had a crib for a good 10 months before we even got pregnant, lol.

  2. thank you Megan!! sounds like you are on top of things:)


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