Monday, November 19, 2012

Anna's Musical Wreath

I can't claim this project as my own although I am going to write about it because I love it! My aunt Cindy and uncle Mark made this wreath for my grandma (Anna) for her birthday. Anna is passionate about music and has been a member of her church choir for over 50 years; thus, something musical is always a good gift idea for her.

My aunt sketched out a treble clef on a piece of plywood and she and my uncle cut it out with a jigsaw....freehanded! (wow) Then they painted it black, drilled a bunch of holes, and stuck a Christmas light bulb in each hole (labor of love!). Then the treble clef was attached to a basic wreath with black pipe cleaners. My aunt asked me to help run some silver metallic glittery ribbon through the wreath, and later I found out that it was because she knew it would make a big glittery mess all over the floor, and my floor was perfect for that! (kidding)

My grandma loved her wreath (I heard she cried) and can't wait to display it on the wall of her porch, to share with all the world. I will try to add a better picture later once she has it displayed. Good job Aunt Cindy & Uncle Mark!


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