Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Estate Sale Find

I'm looking forward to (hopefully) going to a big estate sale that starts this week and it reminded me to share this little find from a sale I went to with my grandma quite a while back.

I found two old wooden crates in the garage of this sale and bought them. Later, we picked up some little stainless steel casters at a discount store for the crates. Tyler put casters on one, and we gave it to his mom for part of her Christmas gift. I'm still waiting on him to put the casters on mine.... meanwhile, with the crate being so multi-functional, I found another use for it. I had some house plants sitting around needing to be permanently potted, so I dropped them in my crate and it makes a charming little plant box. I'm sure this crate will have many homes throughout my house, but for now, I'm loving this charming little set-up.

Here are some inspiration pictures of uses for these crates that I've run across:

{Pictures 1, 2, & 3 from here}

{Picture from here}
{Picture from here}
{Picture from here}
{Picture from here}
And here is my little crate...dozens of possibilities for this little guy.

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