Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Flowerbeds - Before & After...

...well, sortof! I'm not going to post the final "after" pics yet - so you will have to stay tuned.

We have an understanding when it comes to home maintenance, decorating, projects, finishing touches, etc. We don't spend the money on something until we have plenty to spend on it. This philosophy is why I still have incomplete rooms in most of my house (besides Levi's), why I am still missing a sofa, entertainment center, occasional tables, bedroom furniture, and the list goes on. The same philosophy is also why it took us 16 months of living here before we did any landscaping! But alas, we finally took the plunge.

Let me take you back to the VERRRY beginning. Here is the front "yard" right after we moved in, and when we were still using the pre-sidewalk 2x4s:

And here are the proud new homeowners in front of our yardless new house :)
And here is some progress after our beloved sidewalk was poured:

Then last summer, we (and by we, I mean Tyler) put in some flowerbeds and spread mulch, then put leftover stone from the house around the perimeter.

And then, FINALLY, after patiently waiting, my brother-in-law who does landscape design (***shoutout to Tobin!) drew us a design according to our budget, and ordered our plants from the nursery and then we put them in!
Here's the awesome plan he designed us:

I will leave you on the edge of your seats with that! Final "after" pictures coming soon!

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