Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day Mini-Vacation

A couple of months ago we planned to take a weekend vacation around the first of September. That sounds like a normal thing, but it was very abnormal for us because it was going to be our first trip without and away from Levi since he was born. He's about to turn 2 (tear) so I guess it was about time. We went to Memphis and just relaxed, found good restaurants, and explored the city. It was a nice little long weekend but we sure were glad to get back to our boy. I thought I'd share some snapshots, even though I didn't snap pictures of anything particularly interesting:)

{A favorite place on the way}

{Crossing the river into Memphis}
{Swanky's Taco Shop patio dining...until we got pelted with a surprise downpour and hurried inside}
{My favorite attraction!}
{Cotton fields}
{We found a really neat farm and explored - it was like a big public park}
{Trip Advisor led us to some great food!}
{I had to be fair and give Tyler a little shopping time too...}

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