Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little Oklahoma On My Couch

I saw this little pillow here back in 2011, and then a few weeks later I ordered 2 pillows for Christmas presents for family members. My mother-in-law was a recipient of one of the pillows, and every time I see it at her house I think "I want to get one of those for my house" and then I never did. Until now....enter 2013 Valentine's Day present to me.

My 2011 order was a custom order (I picked the colors for the fabric) and this one was a custom order too. Marek did not disappoint either time - she is super nice to work with and super fast on production and shipping (I think I talked to her Thursday last week? and my pillow arrived this morning). Check out her shop: marekalaine on Etsy.

This fun little pillow will live in my living room for now, but it would be great anywhere - in a kid's room, a playroom, on a bed, etc. Here she is:

{I tried to get him to smile and "model" the pillow but he was NOT about to humor me}


  1. You're so sweet! Thanks for posting about this. Your son is adorable (even if he refused to pose)!


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