Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day

I love snow days, just like I did when I was a kid, but for different reasons. Even though our snow day wasn't laden with icy roads or dangerous conditions (this time), it did force us to slow down and stay in (other than a few minutes playing outside a couple of times). This was Levi's first time to play in the snow. He's seen it a few times, but never played in it. I expected him to not be a huge fan right away, much like he is with other situations, like the beach. He's not so sure about it at first, but warms up and slowly develops a love for it. I was right - he wasn't a big fan the first time we went out. Later in the afternoon we tried again and he liked it more. I predict that next time it snows, he'll be begging to go out and play, in the same way I'm very excited about our beach vacation next month. :)


  1. cute pictures!! i'm a wee bit jealous of the mentioned beach trip!

  2. don't know if you already follow her or not, but thought you might want to see this blog on painted nightstands! :)


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