Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Anniversary Post...Part II

My parents' 30th Anniversary was the same day as my sister's 21st birthday. They celebrated her birthday on the day of, so we (the kids) planned to make them dinner at our house for a little anniversary celebration two days later.

They deserved (and probably wanted) a big party. We (the kids and various family members) have talked about a big party for a couple of years, but when it came down to it, we kept hitting road blocks and finally threw in the towel and realized that it wasn't meant to be for the time being, for a lot of reasons. (There are 5 "figures-of-speech" in that last sentence so my apologies go out to those who are banging their heads against a wall - I warned you in this post that this blog is very informal.)

So, Mom and Dad, get ready for an insanely huge party on your 40th Anniversary that will far exceed your wildest expectations -- or at least trump your 25th party. We will start planning right away!

Back to tonight - we threw a little intimate dinner celebration that I hope was special. We had a casual meal of smoked brisket sandwiches, grilled veggie kabobs, skillet corn, salad, and iced tea, complete with brownie sundaes, compliments of my sister. We threw together a few decorations and gave some modest, but heartfelt gifts.

The happy couple will be taking a lavish vacation early this fall to continue the celebration of their 30th year of marriage.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

{A BIG thank-you to Megan Anderson! We enjoyed squash, green peppers, and jalapenos that she picked earlier that afternoon!}


  1. so sweet! love the decorations!

  2. Leslie, you house always looks so lovely! Want to come transform mine?

  3. *your...I'm so sorry.

  4. Thanks guys! Mon - I can promise you it is an illusion!!! I "stage" before I break out the camera. With the 19-mo-old that runs the show around here, my house is typically far from lovely :)

  5. AnonymousJune 02, 2012

    Dinner was lovely, Les. Dad and I appreciate all the work you, Allie and Thomas went to to make sure we celebrated our "30th". There's no need for a big party. We liked the intimate one! Love you. Mom


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