Friday, June 8, 2012


Pictures from the last couple of weeks via Instagram

{Pretty good view while making dinner}

{Mom drinking her first Starbucks beverage}

{Fresh flowers on the table for Mom & Dad's anniversary dinner}

{Hanging out after their anniversary dinner - we need more seating!}

{Enjoying a patio dinner date on June first with the weather in the 60s!!!}

{Favorite pizza buffet and park night}
{We stumbled upon some kind of festival/concert at the park - bonus}

{Day 1 of VBS!}

{Day 2 of VBS!}

{Stair climbing while waiting on Papa to get off the treadmill}

{Playing with Caroline and Amy}

{Traumatic blood-work experience at the doctor :( }

{The trooper having a well-deserved Starbucks treat}

{Day 3 of VBS!}

{Day 4 of VBS!}

1 comment:

  1. Cute pics! I somehow have completely forgotten to check on the old blog the past week or two, so I missed these! And poor Levi..shots and blood work are NEVER fun. :(


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