Friday, September 21, 2012

Bulletin Boards

I mentioned before (in this post) that I was a chairperson for a bulletin ministry in our church. We have very limited funds for it and often reuse supplies already on hand -- I say that so you can take it into consideration when you judge the work ;)

It is a fun ministry to be involved in. The iPhone bulletin board has definitely been a crowd favorite so far - believe it or not it has risen above to be the most viewed post I've ever published here - it gets about 50 daily page views (sometimes a lot more on higher-circulation days) from Google Images and Pinterest.

I wanted to show a couple of other bulletin boards we've done recently. The first one was up for a period in the summer and it showcased baptisms we had over the summer (we are very blessed to be a part of a church that has salvation decisions and baptisms nearly every week) and also upcoming summer events. The second is currently up now and it is a football themed bulletin board. We have a growing college ministry and have a large group of football players from a local college who have been attending. Our small town is really into high school football too, so I thought a football bulletin board would be appropriate and fun for fall.


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  1. How. Did you do the people silhouette on the football board


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