Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a very busy, family, and fun-filled Easter weekend.

Friday night, Levi and I attended his little friend's backyard birthday party, while Tyler did the weekly mowing/yard work. Then we went out for a nice (but late) little family dinner and grabbed some Mexican food.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a 7am 5k race to benefit Special Olympics. My dad and I ran in that, while the rest of my family cheered from the sidelines a few blocks away snoozing in their beds. We then sent Levi to his grandparents' (where we were going later) and headed to the church for a rehearsal for the Easter service. After the rehearsal, we packed up and headed to Tyler's family's house to celebrate Easter with some charcoaled burgers (yum). Levi had his first Easter egg hunt (indoors due to rain).

Sunday morning was our turn to provide breakfast for our class, so I decided there was never a better opportunity to make Resurrection Rolls than on Easter Sunday (we also made fruit kabobs to have a healthier option, but I failed to snap a picture of the rainbow colored treats). The rolls have been all over Pinterest, and the best and most simplified tutorial I found was here. I spent some time looking up the scriptures that corresponded with the Resurrection Rolls recipe and that was a fun way to reflect on the story on the morning of the Resurrection. After church I knew that no one would want to keep their pretty clothes on, so we headed straight to my parents' for a quick photo shoot before ditching the Easter clothes and digging into the turkey and dressing. Here are some snapshots from our weekend:

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