Tuesday, April 17, 2012


He can't get back around to the ladder fast enough!

This is my "trying-to-act-like-Dad" look, when I really want to smile for Mom!
One of our missions in Dallas last weekend (besides seeking out tacos) was to get Levi's Easter present (a week late). We decided that he could get some bigger presents for Easter (instead of candy-filled eggs and Peeps) because A) We want to teach him that Easter is just as important as Christmas, although neither are about gifts, and B) his birthday and Christmas are both at the end of the year... so give the boy a break:) We don't shower him with toys and presents all the time, so having a few designated "gift" holidays works for our family. He got some fun toys, and he got a slide and some things for the back yard. We are in the process of turning the back yard into Levi's personal roam-free-all-day play place. One we get the fence done (coming very soon), he will have a great place to run and play without his parents worrying about fast cars on two streets adjoining our lot and the neighbors' very large and out-of-control rottweiler that could easily jump their chain link "fence" that is merely leaning against their overgrown forest of a yard (no bitterness here) ;)

SO fun

This is the look I got to see every time his head popped up over the top:)

Taking a little break to run around

"I just wanted to come over and say 'thanks for the new slide!'"


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