Monday, April 30, 2012

One of Last Week's Little Projects

I emptied out several of my pots around the house/yard/porch that were in need of replanting for Spring. I've still got lots to do in the front beds and pots, but getting this done was quite a little accomplishment. This was really a week-long job when you consider I only worked on it during naps and a few brief moments while Levi ate lunch and watched a tv show. I will be so happy when we get the backyard fenced (soon! it's up next...) and Levi can roam and play out there while I work on stuff like this, but until then it just isn't safe for him to roam. I have to follow him around and watch like a hawk, which means nothing else can get done during that time :)

Tyler came home early Friday with a present for Levi that kept him safely occupied for about 3 hours (see pictures), which is when I finished this all up.


  1. Your pots are beautiful! And where did you guys find that awesome pool?!? Looks like Levi enjoyed it!

    1. Monica - thank you! they sell those little pools at Walmart. I made Tyler get the one with the slide (he thought they were kinda cheesy/cheap) because I had one just like that when I was really little and loved it. He LOVES it and wants to stay in it for hours! Such a great little treat for a hot day

  2. how fun!! i LOVE that spiraly grass plant!


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