Monday, May 21, 2012

Heirloom Cake Stand

This is yet another thing I acquired from my sweet great grandmother. Many of my family heirlooms once belonged to her...she had a lot of nice things to give and share.

The pictures might not do the cake stand much justice, but it is the sweetest light pink milk glass with lots of little details and textures. She had a large collection of milk glass and my mom has some of it now. I pull this out for Valentine's Day every year and use it throughout the spring (Easter, etc.). I also have used it every time we throw a baby girl shower at church. Other than that, it doesn't get a whole lot of use with all of our camouflage-boy-themed parties and celebrations around here, but I do love that it's in my cabinet ready to pull out at any appropriate time.

It's smaller than a standard sized cake stand - a very odd size in fact - and I have searched and searched for a dome to fit it for years. I have looked at antique stores, department stores, and basically every store that would sell cake stands and domes. A while back, I finally found one at Macy's. Thank you, Martha Stewart, thank you!

{My mom had this old picture at her house for some reason and I snatched it up, knowing I would be writing this post soon. It's a picture of my grandma with my cake stand}

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  1. It is the same one! Love it!


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