Friday, May 11, 2012


Pictures from the last week via Instagram
{Starting/Finish Line @ last week's race in Sallisaw}

{Dad, at about the 3k mark}

{Crashed at dinner}

{Dr. visit 5/7/12} 

{Mom & Dad's pool during a treatment - they said it was crystal clear and blue and beautiful the following morning}

{Warming up after swimming on a cool day}

{Comfort food during a long week}

{Levi & Hunter playing}

{Levi & Hunter playing}

{Levi & Hunter}

{Levi & Jake playing}

{After two play dates & a lunch date with Dad & Grandad, he couldn't quiet make it}

{After-dinner playground visit}

{This wasn't forced at all:)}

{Playing on the same equipment his mom and dad played on over 20 years ago}



  1. when i logged on, i couldn't believe it was "instafriday" again already! this week flew by for me... only 3 more school days!

    1. Megan - I didn't do great posting this week - so basically I have "instafriday" posts back to back (they are really easy and the pics upload fast, lol). Glad your week flew by and I know you are looking forward to summer break and time with your boy!!:) You guys come by soon


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