Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project Post 23: Removing a "Pop of Color"

You hear people talk a lot about adding a "pop of color" to this or that, but in my case lately, I've been doing the opposite. I'm sort of on a neutral kick because I have a fear of having too much color. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen is all one large room, which is exactly what I wanted and I love it. However, it is sometimes a challenge to keep it from looking cluttered, especially in the last year with the addition of eleventy billion toddler toys (my brother-in-law created that number and I use it any time I need to exaggerate).
With that being said, I'm not a huge fan of counter clutter in the kitchen, whether the clutter is functional or decorative. I absolutely hate a toaster permanently left on the counter (this is pretty controversial, so to anyone's toes I've stepped on, sorry). We do keep our coffee pot out, because it's used daily and there simply isn't a place to hide it. In our next house I'm rooting for an appliance pantry.

One of the things I do keep on the counter is a set of large glass jars that hold my bulk flour and sugar. Chances are, if you've gotten married in the last 5 years and invited myself and/or my mom, you've received a pair of these jars stuffed with kitchen gadgets/accessories. We love to share a good idea. Several places have carried these same jars over the years, including Target, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Wal-mart recently started carrying them. When Target first came out with them, they had 4 or 5 great finishes for the lids - lately I have only been able to find stainless or black lids. When I bought mine several years ago, I bought jars with red lids. I don't really have a lot of red displayed in my kitchen, although almost everything I have stored in the drawers/cabinets is red. The pop of red on those jars has been annoying me lately, and my clutter radar has been going a little wild. So I decided to paint the lids to look like the stainless finish, and give my counters more of a streamlined/blending in look.

I could have sworn I've seen a spray paint color called "Stainless Steel," but when I went shopping for it, all I could find was metallic silver so that is what I came home with to try. After several coats and a good cleaning/disinfecting, I achieved exactly what I had hoped to. It looks great and my clutter radar has calmed down a little (until I look over in the living room at the giant toy box called The Floor ;)).

{Don't mind all the dust, they got a good cleaning}

{It took 3 or 4 coats to get good coverage}


  1. good job! your toaster/coffee maker situation is the exact opposite of me, lol. we use the toaster every day, but hardly ever the coffee pot. toaster sits on the counter, coffee maker in a cabinet in our island! ;)

  2. I felt you must know the truth:

    I'm sorry if this changes everything.

    In other news, good job on neutralizing! :-)

  3. Meg - that was a little harsh I know - the truth is I hate it at MY house but chances are I would never even notice it at another person's house. :)

    Tab - that is hilarious!! I'm laughing. Somehow in the very back of my mind it seems like I knew he got it from there...but I forgot. We have that DVD, I'm going to have to pull it out and watch it.


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