Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Quilt for Mom

I told you about the fabric scraps that my grandma gave me in this post and this post. Who knew that a little shoebox-sized storage container could hold something that could make so many cherished heirlooms! There were two different types of scraps that my great grandma had cut out. One type was the star-like shapes used to make the "Peace" pillows and my little memory quilt, the other scraps were strips she had cut out to make a fan quilt- a whole bunch of strips. The really neat thing was the the pattern was in the box along with the scraps (and it's very, very old!) that she planned to use for the quilt. I asked a dear lady in my church (who made Levi's baby quilt) if she would finish piecing the scraps together and finish the entire quilt for me, which I knew would be a difficult task. She happily took on the challenge and I didn't give her a deadline since I knew it would take a while.  

My brother and sister contributed and we gave the quilt to my mom for Mother's Day. It was a total surprise, which made it even better. She thought all the scraps I had were used on the pillows and my small lap quilt. Here are some pictures:

{We witnessed some tears...sign of a good gift?}

{Not sure what is going on here}

{Before opening gifts...she was wondering why anyone was taking pictures}

{The quilt pattern - we laminated it to keep it intact}

{The tag on the back}

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  1. That's so cool! I didn't know Mrs. Panter quilted...what a nice keepsake!


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