Friday, August 31, 2012

Pancake Virgin

Yep, it was me. Until today.

I get to cross off something else on my list of "things I've never done that I want to do." It's always a good day when this happens. August 30, 2012 is the day I first made pancakes.

This seems silly and negligent, and I agree. I've made lots and lots of waffles though, thanks to Tyler's Grananna who bought us a Belgian waffle maker our first Christmas. It came in a set with some William-Sonoma flavored pancake and waffle mix and we've been hooked on their mixes ever since. Santa brings Tyler some every Christmas. Before we had Levi (and a good reason to make dinner at least semi-healthy and nutritional), we used to have waffles for dinner pretty regularly (usually on Tyler's night to cook).

We've been working on and implementing "routines" for Levi the last few months as a part of his therapy (speech therapy and other types of therapy), and I noticed I have inadvertently implemented a breakfast "routine" as well. He has cinnamon toast, a serving of fresh fruit (all different kinds), and organic whole milk every single morning (with oatmeal occasionally thrown in). I've also noticed lately that he has become a semi-picky eater, when he used to have quite a diverse appetite. I want to get him back to eating a wider range of foods, so we've got to get out of the toast rut. I got up today and decided I would conquer pancakes. I had some blueberry mix from WS and used that. Their mixes require adding a little more than Bisquick (eggs, butter, & milk instead of water) but it is totally worth it in my opinion. They turned out very cute and of course I took pictures, and most importantly - Levi devoured them. Woohoo for new things!




  1. pretty pancakes!! i'm the exact opposite... we make pancakes all the time, but i've never made a waffle, lol.

    1. Haha, glad to know there is someone out there like me :)


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