Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Finds

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and there happened to be a large estate sale (I follow a local estate sale company on Facebook) in the same neighborhood as my doctor's office, so I went by it on my way home. I went to see about two pine twin beds that I had seen in the preview pictures posted on Facebook, and with it being the second day of the sale, I knew they might not still be there. One of the beds was still there, and I snatched it up (I technically only needed one, I was just going to buy both since they matched) and brought it home. I also brought home a few other little fun things from the sale: A couple of old books, some Christmas light bulbs, and some neat old metal arrow signs.

Books and pamphlets from Tenkiller, Broken Bow, and Keystone Lakes from
the 60s & 70s - I thought Tyler might like to look at them

Fun old bulbs that I can't wait to put in something glass for Christmas...don't worry, I didn't pay that price :)


  1. I LOVE finding treasures!

  2. A themed book as decoration...that is really cute! For some reason, I wouldn't have thought of that. Probably because my OCD says, "ALL BOOKS ON SHELF...USING DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM!!" haha


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