Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White Plate "Collage"

After a month of no posting, here I am. December was a month of chaos, and as other priorities rose above playing on the internet, there was no time left in the mix for conjuring up any posts. Things are getting back to normal, and I'm here (though you might see me a little less often than you used to).

I started a little white plate collection a few years ago, and I always intended on putting them up in a random pattern collage, like these:

{source here)
 ...but with less order/shape.

{source here}
 I don't have this many plates (yet), but I like this.

{source here}
My plates were just stacked up in my dining hutch until I thought of where to put them and it finally donned on me that I should put them in a line (instead of a collage) above my kitchen cabinets because it was bare up there. I think it's pretty charming and it subtly takes focus off of the fact that there is no crown on that back wall and a very crooked paint line (for reasons beyond my control)  ;) I will probably add more to them.


1 comment:

  1. Oh wow...that first picture has all perfectly round plates except for one! It's making my eye twitch!

    Nice decorative touch with yours. And they're all round...:^)


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