Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Guide

I love picking out gifts for people - a few people asked me for help this year picking out gifts for a special girl in their life, and I had a lot of fun thinking of things to share with them.

This guide wouldn't necessarily "fit in" with my gift list (I will do a "budget" gift guide next!) because in my family, we stay with $50-or-less gifts, but for someone whose budget for a certain gift is a little higher, this has some great options.
Gift Guide
1. Cashmere Cardigan - J.Crew has these year-round. I got one (in a brick-red color) for Christmas a few years ago from Tyler's family, and it's still one of my favorite pieces ever (timeless), and may get a hall-of-fame post on the blog someday :)
2. Polka dot blouson dress - this one is also from J.Crew, but keep in mind it is only a suggestion:) It's a great shape for a lot of body types and a very versatile dress! (& this one is on sale right now)
3. Polka dot clutch - I saw this here and have loved it ever since. It's good-quality leather and a really fun print.
4. Pave link bracelet - just because I think it's beautiful :) - a great gift.
5. Leopard calf-hair flats - this version is $250, but you can get almost the exact same ones here for $79 (they look different online but in real life they look almost identical)
6. Gold sequin top - obviously this particular top is a little pricey at $400, but a similar one that's not a budget-breaker would be a great, fun gift!

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  1. i hope it was david that asked for suggestions :) - i'll take any and all... so cute! :)


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