Friday, December 2, 2011

Project Post 14: Vintage Christmas Music Garland

When I invested in the little scalloped punch I bought a couple of months ago (I told you in this post that I bought it to make Levi's cupcake toppers for his party), I had big plans for using it for lots of other crafts. One thing that immediately came to mind was using it to make garland for Christmas. During my subconscious brainstorming, I thought about just using red and green card stock...and then I started thinking creatively. I asked my mom to round up some old music that I could cut up (she plays the piano and has a library full of music), so she found a few very old books, and as a bonus they were even Christmas anthems and hymns.

I was making the garland for my mom's tree. My sister bought her some beautiful "vintage music" Christmas ornaments from Pottery Barn last year, and she already had lots of music-themed ornaments from previous years.

The garland turned out cuter than I imagined it would. I made some for my tree too. I will post some pictures of it soon. Here are some pictures of the garland on my mom and dad's tree (before the tree was fully decorated). ***UPDATE - Added more pictures below of their tree and my tree, finished.

Here are some updated shots of both trees with our music garland:) I also made some music garland for one of my grandma's trees and for the other grandma, I made some garland out of old Christmas cards. Both grandmas LOVED them.

{My parents' music-themed tree}

{My little tree}
{My little tree}

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