Friday, December 30, 2011

Project Post 16: Bay Leaf Wreaths

Apparently there are a lot of negative opinions about getting married at Christmas time (which we heard over and over 4 years ago when we tied the knot), but in my opinion, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate an anniversary. On our Pottery Barn wedding registry (circa 2007), we had several of their Bay Leaf Wreaths and Garlands - which they only offer at the Holidays (perk!), but I use them for decorations year-round (there is nothing Christmas about them - they are just a great form of greenery). They carry these pretty much every year - although they have different versions of them. Here is this year's version of the garland:

{Found here, via Pottery Barn}

Some friends gave us a few of the strands of garland for a wedding gift, and with gift cards (also wedding gifts), I purchased two Bay Leaf Wreaths and a couple more strands of the garland (at a huge after-Christmas discount too!). I've used the wreaths ever since - and I pull the garland out every once in a while and stick it somewhere, sometimes at Christmas. The wreaths are easy for me - I LOVE wreaths and I will put one anywhere (see pictures below), but I struggle a little with the garland.

{One of the Bay Leaf wreaths I already had - it currently lives on my pantry door}

{The other wreath - it lives above my kitchen buffet/hutch}
Well, as of tonight, problem solved. Three strands of my garland have become brand new (repurposed) beautiful Bay Leaf mini wreaths. All it took was a trio of grapevine wreath forms (the 8" ones that are about $1.99 each), some floral wire, and a lot of "fluffing" and turning of leaves. I will probably hang them as a horizontal trio somewhere (I'll add pics when I do). Each strand of garland fit perfectly around the wreath two times.

{Bay Leaf Garland}

{grapevine forms}
{The finished product!}
{UPDATE: Here is where the wreaths live now - they might camp out
for a while and they might get moved again, you never know}

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