Monday, February 27, 2012

Heirloom Bookshelf: Before & During

I love family heirlooms. I am big on them..and I have a very generous family who loves giving and sharing things. I have a LOT of things from relatives (past and present), and I treasure every one. I know that is cheesy but it is real. Being a girl, I am drawn to heirlooms and things for my home, but guys think differently. My husband has a shop full of tools that belonged to his dad and grandad that are very special to him, but the thought of having any other type of family heirloom never crosses his mind. When he was helping move some things at his grandparents' home last year before it was sold, he brought home this bookshelf. I love it - it's very tall which is great for our tall ceilings. It's very sturdy and a very unique shape, but the best part is that we didn't have anything from that side of the family - and now we have something from all 4 sets of our grandparents.

I am in the process of refinishing the bookshelf, and very eager to be done and enjoy it as a permanent living room fixture. It's taking a while (It has taken 5 coats of paint and I only work on it during naps and some at night - so it will take me a few days to finish it), but I will be done soon and share some after pictures. For now, here are some before and during snapshots. Some were taken at night and some in the morning, so that's why the lighting is crazy - that and the fact that I just say that to cover not being a very good photographer. I like to leave that to the professionals... :)


  1. Cute! And I really like your wreaths up above the family photo!


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