Monday, March 26, 2012

Heirloom Memory Quilt

{scraps before they became precious heirlooms}
I shared with you back in January that I had pillows made for several of my family members (you can read about that here) for Christmas presents. Anna, who owns the shop For the Love of Joy, made the pillows using fabric scraps that my great grandma had cut out years ago (out of her old clothes and linens) for a quilt that she never made. Well, Anna contacted me after she made the pillows to let me know that she still had lots of the scraps left over and wanted to know if I wanted her to ship them back or if I wanted her to make a small quilt out of them, and of course, I wanted the quilt :)

She put a lot of hard work into the little quilt - my great grandma had hand-stitched all the pieces and Anna hand-stitched a lot of it so it would match, which I know takes a lot of time and effort - and this past weekend it was waiting on my doorstep for me when we got back from our vacation. I couldn't be more pleased - it is such a beautiful little quilt and such a special heirloom! A couple of family members made sweet baby quilts for Levi when he was born, but those are his, so this is really my first family quilt to have in my home.

A big thanks goes to Anna for working so hard to make it so special and a big thanks goes to my Anna (what I call my grandma) for giving me the scraps which became these beautiful heirlooms to be treasured from now on!

{to give you an idea of the size}

{the back}


  1. I LOVE quilts. They are my weakness! I really like how the white background ties it all together so simply!

    1. yes! all 3 of us girls have a quilt weakness... passed on from our mother! :) this quilt is beautiful!

  2. Granny Iva would have been so pleased, too, honey. The quilt is absolutely beautiful, and a great way to memorialize your great Granny Iva.

    Love, Mom

  3. Leslie- thank u for doing such a marvelous job of using those old scraps. I treasure my pillow as I know the others do that received theirs. I can't wait to see your quilt! Love you, Anna


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