Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Bells

This past weekend we were in Dallas for what was a quick weekend "shopping trip." Although there was not as much shopping involved as I would have hoped (ha), we were actually there to be a part of my sister's surprise engagement (ok, ok - that's better than shopping).

It all went as planned (she said 'yes'), and now she is an engaged woman. I am thankful Paul (fiancé) let us in on the plan and that we got to be there. It was important to me that she have pictures of it.

I'll spare you on all the details, but the main part of the "plan" was for Paul and Allie to go to lunch and to a movie, come back to the hotel where everyone had planned to lounge around the pool that day, and direct her attention to a banner (he had made) hanging on the side of the hotel. She turned to look at the banner, then turned back around to Paul on one knee. There were a ton of people out at the pool that day, and once the banner was hung, they were all sort of in on the plan. So when she said 'yes,' the crowd went wild! Here are some pictures of the event.

Congrats to Paul and Allie!


  1. How exciting! He did a great job..now let's see a pic of that ring!

  2. 1. there is absolutely no way ally is really old enough to be married...right?!! she's supposed to be like 12.
    2. she can keep all her monogrammed stuff...and that is awesome in itself:)
    congrats to them!


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