Friday, October 21, 2011

Project Post 10: Eyesore No More

You've heard me talk about "the list" from time to time. One thing towards the top of the list is an entertainment center or media console of some sort for our living room. Our tv is hung on the wall, so instead of an actual console, I'm looking for more of a buffet-sized piece. But in the meantime, we don't have a proper piece to store our cords and tv garb/accessories, but it is now much less of an eyesore than it has been. For almost two years, our tv cords have been hanging, naked, exposed for all to see. You can kinda see what I mean in this (very blury, taken-with-my-phone) picture:

{They are partially covered with one of those cheesy plastic cord "hiders," but you get the point}
Since we will be having a birthday party (!!) in a few days with several people at our house, I decided now was the perfect time to do something with those hideous cords, since I knew we wouldn't be running out to throw some money down on new furniture just for this occasion (although we did do some other major things, like plant a few trees, get a truckbed load of mulch, etc..:)..more on that later). I am sure my husband appreciates this.

I didn't get a shot of the wall before he took the tv down (he didn't warn me before he did it) - but here are a couple "befores:"

Then out came the drill and the hole saw and 5 minutes later we were in business. Why did we stare at this mass o'wall cords for 21 months when this project took 5 minutes to do? We will never know, but I am very happy it's done. We're ready to party, Levi!

Remember when I mentioned my philosophy on furniture to you? This little drop-leaf table is one my grandma gave me when I moved into my first apartment in college. It was my dining table.


  1. are those chairs new? i don't remember them, but they are so cute!

  2. nope:) they've always been there!


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