Monday, March 19, 2012

If the Shoe Fits... {Guest Post}

Happy Monday! We are currently vacationing at the beach right now .Today you get a special treat - my cousin Chelsea is guest posting for me (she also did once before, here)...about shoes! You can read more from Chelsea here and here. Thanks Chels!

Well, hello again! So nice to be back, I figured I'd do something a little different this time so bare with me.

When Les asked me to do another post I was honored, and panicked. Why? For one, I titled this post "Toilet Talk" with every intention of doing a "Project Post" about my recent bathroom remodel, but then decided it wasn't fun or thrilling and I wanted to be asked back again thus the forth coming random post you are about to embark on....Ready? Let's go!

So here are a few reasons why I could never be a blogger:

1. I lack the ability to start and finish something. No, wait, I take that back. I can start and finish something it just may not happen for awhile.'s all about keeping the reader's attention and giving them a reason to come back. Which requires posting regularly--as opposed to once every 8 months.  {See below}

2. For this blog alone I started 5 different posts and couldn't finish a one of them without totally losing my OWN attention.

3. Oh, I also have a mild form of ADD {which, let's face it, who doesn't have some form of it}. Like between writing #2 and #3 reasons I was pinning new style options for summer color combos, looking through Facebook to see how many new fans the shop {oh, the shop? read here for more info} acquired since posting a contest, and paying for my internet bill so I could at least finish this post for my cousin.

Oh, sorry, didn't mean to leave you again...ok, where was I? Oh yeah...

4. Ok, here's something I could totally blog about and start and finish all in the same sitting, here goes nothing!


Let's face it, girls {sometimes guys...yeah, I'm talking about all your tennis shoes, dude!}, we likey the shoes and we likey the variety. I won't even go there {you know, how many shoes you have}, let's just keep that little fact to ourselves. Regardless, we love them! So in honor of women and our love for shoes, I'm going to share with you a little shoe secret.

My favorite shoe line as of late? Lindsay Phillips! The girl is genius! This all started as a High School project now turned mega successful business that women of all ages and styles LOVE to wear! The concept behind these shoes is that you take one pair of shoes and interchange what they call "snaps" on the shoe to create a whole new look and shoe!

Here are some of my favorite combos:

I cannot describe to you how fabulous this shoe line is! If you are looking for a Spring/Summer shoe to be your "go-to" shoe that can virtually go with anything, look this line up and thank me later.

Thanks for reading!


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