Friday, March 2, 2012

February Instagram Photos

I probably should have titled this post something different, because I don't have a 'January Instagram Photos' post, and likely will not have a March one, but as it turns out, I'm lacking creativity today in the title department.

I participated in this Photo-A-Day Challenge:

{Photo and Challenge from here}
There is one every month, and some ambitious people are committing to a whole year of a photo-a-day (wow). Not me:) I had fun doing it in February, but I don't think I will commit to March. I feel like my pictures are really boring, especially because my dad and brother told me so, (sorry to anyone who follows me on Instagram/Twitter) and it's a tall commitment for me. I'm also currently trying to enact a say "no" to new commitments policy to have time to work on the 40 billion commitments I already have lined up ;) So, since I did finish the February commitment, here are my photos from the challenge:

1. My view at lunch 2. Words: distance, time, calories 3. Hands: Levi & Hunter's hands on our front door 4. A Stranger: This little baby-where did he go? 5. 10am: it was a Sunday, so at 10am I was in our SS classroom 6. Dinner: bacon-wrapped chicken, wild rice, green beans 7. Button: pushing buttons in the car 8. Sun: a scripture I read that morning 9. Front Door: Levi waiting for Dad to get home 10. Self-portrait 11. Makes you happy: a pleasant letter from the IRS (rare) 12. Inside your closet: we were out of town & this was my closet where we stayed 13. Blue: blue eyes, blue pacifier 14. Heart: V-day balloons 15. Phone: my phone in the rear view mirror 16. Something new: sitting still in the chair 17. Time: couch time with my sick boy 18. Drink: Saturday morning coffee 19. Something you hate to do: be at the doctor 20. Handwriting: daily list 21. A fave photo of you 22. Where you work 23. Your shoes 24. Inside your bathroom cabinet 25. Green: apple juice box 26. Night: "working" a puzzle before bed 27. Something you ate: dinner 28. Money: diapers$$$ 29. Something you're listening to: Quiet - baby napping, windows open, breeze blowing, birds chirping

Have a great weekend!

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