Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Beach III


When we went to the beach we stayed in my aunt's condo. She graciously allows our family to use her condo, and it is one of my very favorite places in this world to be. When we're down there, we always enjoy driving down to Seaside. Seaside is a neat little planned community, and it is the place where The Truman Show was filmed. If you ever find yourself in the Destin/Pensacola Florida area, I highly recommend driving down to spend some time in this neat little place. Here are some pictures we snapped in Seaside:

{Trying out the timer for the first time...didn't quite get it:)}

{A pretty little alley we had not discovered before}

{Out on the town square - each of the little trailers are different restaurants}

{People gathering on the knoll before a concert. You couldn't even see any grass when it was time to start}
{We walked to see the house from The Truman Show - it was about a half mile from the town square}

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