Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Creek

We spend a lot of time at the pool (big pool at my parents' and the little pool in our back yard), we spend time at the lake in Tyler's parents' boat, we spend a lot of time at our new park and splash pad, and last week we spent some time at a new place - the river (it's actually the creek). It's about 35 minutes from our house - but totally worth the drive. Tyler and I both grew up going out here to swim (and float trips), and this particular place we went is called the "Boy Scout Hole" (this is where my dad used to bring us to swim...and tell stories about how he camped out there for months at a time, swam hundreds of miles at a time, and canoed 8 million miles down the river there - all true, of course). 

There are lots of trees (shade) and the water is COLD. It's a perfect place for 100-degree weather. We went out on Saturday and had a lot of fun, so we went back Sunday afternoon. The water is shallow enough that Levi can roam freely and watch all the fish. We will definitely be going back soon and often!

1 comment:

  1. That looks like fun! Although I like summer, this 100 degree weather is about to do me in!! I never thought about it when I was little because we had a pool, but if you don't it's brutal!


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