Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canton Trip: Family S N A P S H O T S

This is not the post about our neat Canton finds, but just a few snapshots from our trip. Enjoy!

I love this one. They were waiting in the shade while I ran to the bathroom. One of the vendors gave Levi a balloon and he loved it. It entertained him the whole day.

He really loved that balloon - so much that he wouldn't let go of it even after he fell asleep. Overall Levi had a great time people-watching. For those of you worrying that the 100+ temps were too much for him, we took LOTS of air-conditioner/fan/truck breaks, gave him LOTS of water, and in general he was pretty comfortable. Here are some more snapshots:

Levi learned to "clap" and say "Dada" on this trip. For those of you who aren't his parent, I realize that is trivial but for us it was pretty neat! In one of those pictures above he was clapping.

He got pretty tuckered out!

Taking a shade/water/snack break.

Don't worry - we were parked here! At Starbucks for some after-dinner coffee and a diaper change.

And of all the great "Tyler" photo ops we had while roaming around Tyler, TX, - THIS is the one he wanted. A construction dumpster.

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