Friday, July 1, 2011

I am an Island

Just kidding. I hate when people say that! But I am going to talk about an island. For those of you who know me well (this sentence is comical because there aren't even 20 people reading this blog), you probably know I am going to dedicate this post to my beloved island.

My kitchen island was the very first piece of furniture I purchased for our house (before we started building!) and it was and has remained my favorite piece in the house.

I stumbled upon it one day while browsing Windsor Market. When I saw it, it was love at first sight and I knew I would buy it. I refrained (painfully) from purchasing that day, and I waited about a week until Tyler could go look at it. When I took Tyler back to look at it, they had lowered the price by $100 (insert Hallelujah chorus)!

Here it is in the holding cell while we built our house (in Tyler's parents garage - where the dogs frequently walked across it, hence the paw prints)

When we brought it home, we hit a road block and I was [almost] devastated. It was more than 3 feet wide at every angle, meaning it would not fit through a standard 3 foot door (for those of you wondering why it was in a garage). I was ridiculed by my husband for this - BUT if HE didn't think about this when he saw it BEFORE I purchased it, I don't feel bad at all. Actually, my husband, who does construction for a living and is required to think about things like this on a daily basis, AND my father-in-law who is a structural engineer, both saw the island and it never occured to them that it wouldn't fit through a standard door. Why should I feel bad??? :)
So, as soon as the house was dried in and before we put the door frames in, we had to take the island and put it in the house. So here's how it looked for several months:

That is scary! Thank goodness for the tarp. I gave very specific instructions that it was not to be used as a work table but you can see how well the contractors listened to that.

Finally, here is a picture of the island in the kitchen. We actually planned the kitchen around this island :) We had the cabinets stained to match it. This picture was taken around Easter right after we moved in last year.

I will add a better, more current picture of it later. Now you know the story of my beloved kitchen island!

UPDATE*** Here are some newer, better pictures:

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  1. FINALLY! A new post! I didn't know all about your "beloved island". I didn't know you could feel that way about furnature.. maybe someday I'll experience that!


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