Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project Post 3 - Painted "N"

Painted Wooden "N"

I'm showing you yet another fun Canton find. I bought a big (24" x 24") letter "N" made out of unfinished wood. This was a little awkward to carry around all day with a stroller and diaper bag and such, but it was well worth it:)

Here's the letter before I brought out the paint:

I didn't buy any supplies for this project. I wanted to use up some things I already had in the garage from previous projects - plus, picking a paint color is just overwhelming for something like this, so using some paint I already had made the choice easy for me. I just walked out to the garage, grabbed my supplies, and got to work. We make the most of naptime/bedtime around here!

First step: white paint (2 or 3 coats to cover well)

Second step: crackle paint (it's clear) - one even coat. Let it dry for 1 to 4 hours before applying the top color. Letting it dry more than that can cause the crackle to not occur.

Third step: second color - apply one even coat with the brushstrokes preferably running the same way. Crackle finish will start appearing almost instantly.

Fourth step: antique glaze - apply it with a damp rag and then wipe off as much as you want with another damp rag (there are many techniques for doing this; this is just the one I chose)


Stay tuned for some pictures of where I display this in our house. I can't put it up until our next project is completed, which I hope to get going on this week! It's going to be a GREAT one!

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