Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Put a Flower On It

As a result of a) being born a female and b) developing a love/obsession/passion for clothes, shopping, etc., I've always been big on accessories. I've gone through phases in the past -- I had an earring phase where I LOVED big, gaudy earrings -- I had a headband phase where I wore headbands almost every day, and still have baskets full of them -- and the past 3 or 4 years I've been on a flower kick.

I love clipping a flower on whatever dress, top, or jacket I'm wearing. I think it's a great way to add a little femininity or glamor to even the most drab ensemble (like yoga pants and a jean jacket, or jeans and a simple top -- "outfits" I rock often, embarrassingly enough -- please don't tell Stacey and Clinton).

A few years ago, I was Christmas shopping in Dallas (yes, the same trip I mentioned in THIS post), and I picked up a flower pin/clip in Urban Outfitters. The flower looked old and was neutral in color, and I just liked it a lot. Little did I know that thing would be the most popular thing in my closet for years to come. It's still my absolute favorite flower and I wear it with everything and every kind of ensemble. Here she is, in all her glory:

I have a small collection of flower clips, and I have a lot of fun wearing them year-round for different occasions. My mom and sister have quite a collection of their own, and we swap from time to time (I guess it runs in the family).

I call the big red flower my "patriotic" flower because I always wear it for Memorial Day Weekend or Independence Day - sometimes I'll just throw it on a denim and white outfit to make it "red, white, and blue" (yes, I am 26 and I'm a big fan of themed "holiday" outfits).

If I'm feeling extra quirky, sometimes I'll clip a flower in my hair or on a handbag to switch it up:)

Happy Wednesday!

Disclaimer: Several of these photos were taken when I was very pregnant which in turn, explains the huge belly. :)

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