Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunch {Play}Date

On Tuesday, my sister Allie sent me a text to see if the little one and I wanted to go to lunch at Harmony House (here and here) with her kiddos the sweet children she nannies. This was (technically) Levi's first play date and my first time to get to hang out with her kids (as we all refer to them). They are precious! I just thought I would share some snapshots from our good time.

Hunter is about a month older than Levi (almost 11 months) and Janna informed me that she was about to be 4. When I told her that 4 was "so old," she matter-of-factly said "yep, old like you!" without missing a beat. Hilarious:)


  1. My favorite post by far. The kids enjoyed it even though Janna couldn't wait to go get ice cream afterwards. Haha.

  2. Yeah we should do it again soon.


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