Friday, August 12, 2011

Nail Spotlight - Classic Red

I told you in this post about my love of keeping my nails manicured, and I'm back to share one of my favorite colors with you. Red is my favorite color in general, and while a lot of the time I keep my nails neutral, a great pop of red is necessary to change things up from time to time.

I've bought the same shade of "classic" red for about 10 years - luckily the company that makes it considers it part of their permanent collection (which you can view here) and promises never to discontinue it. It is called "Haute Red" and is made by Orly. You can buy it at Sally's, Ulta, or anywhere else that Orly is sold.
This red is my favorite because it is great for so many things. It is a great "cherry red" to wear in the summer, and it's also a great "Christmas red" to wear around the holidays. It has a slight tinge of orange - so it looks great with coral-type colors, and somehow, it also looks ok when you wear pink colors. It's just perfect for every thing you need a great red for!

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