Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project Post 5 - Diaper Wreaths & Onesie Banner

Diaper Wreaths & Onesie Banner

This past Sunday, the gals in my Sunday School class and I threw a small baby shower for a dear friend in our class who recently had a baby boy. It was a diaper shower, so we wanted to incorporate diapers into the decorations, which is not only cute but also very functional!

My friend Shawna suggested making diaper cakes, and boy is she the queen of diaper cakes and showers:) If I can detour for a minute and travel back in time -- Shawna and her husband Jeff are our very good friends, and last summer after we found out the gender of our sweet baby boy, they threw us the best party either of us have ever been to, probably including our wedding. Here are a few snapshots of the event (which is definitely what it was: an event!).

Diaper Cake at the Gender Reveal Party

This wasn't just a shower; it was a "gender reveal" party. We found out we were having a boy on June 1st and this party was scheduled for June 18th. So, we waited 18 painfully long days (and it was painful, because everyone knew that we knew) before telling a soul the sex of the baby. Then, on that night after we had an awesome Mexican dinner complete with homemade fried ice cream, got to visit with our closest friends and family, and played some hilariously fun games, we revealed the gender during one of the games. The best part was that everyone was just expecting an "announcement" at the end of the party, but we not only surprised everyone with the gender, but surprised them by our spontaneous revelation as well (*note: why was this a big deal? Levi is the first grandchild in both of our families, so this was a pretty big deal to everyone). I could write a novel on this party alone, but I better wrap it up for fear of losing your attention.

My point here was that Shawna suggested diaper cakes, which she assembled for the shower according to the theme and colors we used (which coincided with the new baby's nursery), and I had a couple of Pinterinspired (did ya get that? Pinterest-inspired) decorations I wanted to try as well.

I came across these pictures on Pinterest, while browsing for decoration ideas.

From here, originally from here

From here, originally from here

These were my Pinspiration, and since then there have been many other diapers cakes and banners added that I've seen (and will try the next time I help give a shower).

Here's how my wreaths turned out. I will skip the play-by-play pictures since it's pretty self-explanitory. The materials needed are diapers (Pampers Swaddlers work best if you don't want color showing), tiny rubberbands, ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Oh, and I used a cake circle (found on the cake decorating aisle) made of foam board, and just cut a circle out of the center - as my wreath "form."

And here is the onesie banner. I used Gerber white onesies and iron-on letters to spell out baby Luke's name.

These were very simple decorations, which could've been made more extravagant if we had had more time, but I think they turned out great. Hopefully Tiffany and baby Luke felt very welcomed and loved!

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