Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Post 6 - Levi's Barnwood Shelf

If you'll recall from this previous post, we have a bunch of old barnwood that was salvaged from Tyler's Grandad's house (also the house Tyler's dad grew up in), which is what we made Levi's letters and Tobin's sign out of. Tyler also used the barnwood to make a shelf that runs the length of Levi's room. This was actually the first project we used the wood for, and we completed it about a year ago while we were making Levi's nursery.

Tyler built the actual shelf structure out of old rusted metal and rebar that he already had, and welded it together to create a truss-like stucture. My type-A-ish personality had to really practice some patience and let Tyler roll with the creativity on this one, because, to be honest, when he tried to explain to me what he was doing I thought it was pretty ridiculous. I couldn't be happier with the result. I am really glad our doctor was right that Levi was a boy, because once this thing was put in place, it became part of the stucture of the house, and I would have a hard time fitting it in with a girl nursery theme. The following pictures are ones I took during the shelf construction process, and then some after shots once the room was fully decorated.

The trees were used at our church baby shower. Our Sunday School class did a wonderful job throwing us a themed shower that matched Levi's nursery. I love our sweet church. Here are some flashback snapshots from that, so you can get an idea of how these trees were originally used.

I asked Tyler to make a cornice board for the window out of the wood as well. He put some metal on the corners to hide the raw joints and to make it flow with the shelf. The metal he put on the corners was from an old bed frame.

On the very right side of the shelf, there is an old wire crate (it's turquoise/green) that houses books. The books are national geographic pop-out books that were mine when I was little (my grandparents used to buy them for me every birthday and Christmas), and I will enjoy reading them with Levi. The crate is something we found in my grandpa's barn, which was something I rescued when they sold their farm (he left a bunch of stuff in the barn that he didn't want to move into town).

The wooden barrell-looking thing is a minnow trap that Tyler's Grandad made and gave to him. The lanterns are some that I collected from various places once I decided on a theme for the room.

And that completes the nursery mini-tour!


  1. i love levi's nursery:) his mommy and daddy did a fabulous job!!!

  2. Thanks K! It's the only room we have ever actually "completed" in the house


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