Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Party Wrap-Up

{can you spot the birthday boy?}

Thanks to a lot of preparation, a lot of behind the scenes things getting done (mostly by Tyler), and a LOT of help from our family, Levi's first birthday party couldn't have been more perfect. The only thing that could've been better is my documentation. I am not used to hosting large crowds - I loved it, but I'm still not used to it, so there was a lot to do, and after the guests were here there was no time to clock out and take a million pictures. Oh well, we had a great time and that is what matters!

It was interesting cramming 30 people into our 1300-sq. ft. house - and that was only family. We wanted to invite some of our friends and extended family members, but there was no way of housing them all. I am sad to say that I got a few pictures of the party decorations and Levi, but I never went around and photographed our family members!

Here are a few favorite snapshots from the big day:

{a dear friend from Church made Levi this neat sign for his campsite-themed church baby shower}

{fascinated with balloons}


  1. SO sad I missed this! Levi looks like he is chalkin' up to a great personality, love the smiles! Can't wait to see you all soon, love you!

  2. Leslie,
    new to your blog -- found you through House Tweaking - anywho, I absolutly love the birthday decor!!! My little one will be turning 1 on Christmas Eve I cannot wait to celebrate.

    love the pom poms, be banner, the cupcake thingies (can't think of name at this very second) lol

    love it all! Nice job, momma!


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