Wednesday, November 16, 2011

poor man turtles

first of all, my keyboard on my laptop is broken, which is why you won't see any capital letters in this post (my shift keys don't work....properly....long, very annoying story that has to do with a one-year-old and a full bottle of water). second of all, the letters a, x, and z don't work at all, so everywhere that you see those letters, i've had to copy and paste them. wow, this is a finger and brain workout. just take a second and think about having to type something and every time you need to use the letter a, you must copy and paste it. i have a replacement keyboard on its way, but 1-3 day shipping was the fastest available option, and they evidently mean closer to 3 days! luckily, this post won't take much typing...

these are called "poor man turtles," and i can't give credit to the creator because i have no idea who that is. there are dozens of variations of these, and dozens of different names for them. these are such a great fqst (was going to type quick instead of fast, but just realized my "Q" also does not work....oh i hope i get the keyboard tomorrow!)

i made a huge batch of these on monday. i took a few to dinner at our friends' house monday night and took the rest to my parent's house for a huge dinner they hosted last night. they are not the cutest dessert ever, but they are super easy and super tasty. they are even possible to make with a baby-toddler having a meltdown, so they may become a 2011 Christmas gift staple at our house.

small pretzels

place pretzels on cookie sheet, each with a rolo placed on top of it. bake at 350 for 3 minutes. remove and promptly put a pecan on each rolo and press down. allow to set until chocolate is cool.

like i said, these are great, but not all that cute. so i will leave you with something undoubtedly extremely cute:


  1. My favorite part of this is that you still *had* to do it today instead of waiting until you receive your new keyboard. OCD much? haha...I would have done the same...and probably visited my friend "character map" to get the shortcut codes to those letters.

  2. i'm so thankful i got to partake in these incredible treats. thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Tab - I know, you are right! When I have time to do something (nap time, when tyler is home, or after levi is asleep at night) I try to just do it. I'm getting pretty good at "control v"....although it is getting a little annoying not having a, z, x, !, @, #, $....I paid for 3 day shipping and we are on day 5 with no keyboard yet, grrrr (i am on tyler's computer).

    Amy - glad y'all liked the one thing I can make with a whiney boy attached to my leg:)

  4. Also, I just saw these on pinterest made with square pretzels and i'm thinking they are cuter:) i might try it next time


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