Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nail Spotlight - Special Edition {Birthday Camo}

Like I told you before, several months ago I typed in "camo party" on Pinterest, and got a whole page of results. The cupcakes were one result I pinned and planned to create, and this was another:

{Original source here}

Notice my Pinterest caption...and that is obviously no joke. So, I knew I needed to buy at least two colors (my adaptations of camouflage "dessert tan" and "olive drab" as I frequently hear my husband refer to them), and I knew I probably had a third color that would work out - a dark brown or something.

I ended up buying "Westside Warrior" by China Glaze and "A-Taupe the Space Needle" by OPI (they have the best color names), and I used "Naughty" by Orly (they do not have the best color names) for my third color. I think the results were great! I got a lot of compliments (at the party) and few weird looks (at church the next morning), and I'm positive my little one-year-old pumpkin really appreciated the effort his mom made for his party :)

{Like the trailer in the background? We are high-class around here}

I know this is a large assortment of pictures...but I wasn't able to capture how they really look (high gloss top coat = glare, anyone?), so I just took a bunch and hope at least one comes close.


  1. seriously!??!! tyler must have fallen in love with you all over again!! loooove it!!!

  2. Haha Amy - can that happen after 4 years of marriage??? ;)


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