Monday, November 7, 2011

Project Post 12: Lamp Revamp

{Small lamp renovation}
When I bought these lamps, I sort of broke my own rule. Generally, if I want something - a piece of furniture or accessory, I will wait until I can afford what I really want and then buy it...and sometimes this takes years, but the goal is to accumulate nice things that I will want to keep for a long time, and not end up with a house full of cheap stuff that is always on a list to "replace." Shortly after we got married, I needed a "quick fix" in the area of bedside lamps, so I just went out and bought a couple of very cheaply made, cheap-looking faux-wood lamps, from a place-that-will-remain-nameless (hint: think better than Dollar General, but not quite Target). I also grabbed a couple of the only drum shades they had (this was before they got really popular and the stores started selling cute ones), and came home with two lamps and shades for somewhere close to $25.

Since we moved into our new house, our bedroom has been on the back burner. After living here two weeks, I found out I was pregnant, so the nursery became priority #1, followed by the other common areas in the house (because it's what guests see).

I'm just starting to think about working on our bedroom, but I couldn't stand the lamps any longer. Several months ago, I found a couple of burlap shades for a great price, so I brought them home. This past weekend I finally got around to my little lamp revamp, and I am happy with the results. I had some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint in the garage, and I took the lamps out back and got rid of the gross, gold, faux-wood finish. After it dried, I switched out the shades and my lamps were revamped!

{Closeup of the new shade - closeup of the new finish}

{Burlap shade inspiration, via Pottery Barn}
{Burlap shade inspiration, via West Elm}
{Bye bye, ugly lamps}

H A P P Y   M O N D A Y !

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