Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At Staples with Martha

...Martha Stewart that is. Let me explain. This past week I ran to staples to grab some supplies I needed for little therapy activities I work on with Levi. While I was in there, I noticed a new highlighted area with what appeared Martha Stewart's logo, so I walked over and checked it out (at our Staples all of the Martha Stewart stuff is totally separate from everything else). 

I've been pleased with her lines at other places, so it's no surprise that she has some really great "office supplies." They sell 3-ring binders in 2 different sizes, and all kinds of fillers for them - like planners, photo pockets, regular (but cuter) notebook paper, and several other things. The last 6 months for us have been crazy and filled with doctor appointments, evaluations, and most lately different types of therapy appointments (about 3 times a week), so with those among other regular daily life events, I've had to start religiously living by a planner. I'm definitely going to get one of hers because it is totally customizable and will make my life a lot easier.

One of the main things in her line are blank print-your-own labels (she partnered with Avery). So if you are someone who uses those, check them out! This sounds like a cheesy advertisement, but in reality I am just a nerd who gets excited about notebooks and craft/office supplies (my friend Cassidy can attest to this - she shares the same nerdy interest). 

The one thing I did purchase (well, besides some cute-shaped sticky notes), were some stick-on chalk board labels (they come in 2 sizes). They are really fun - here's how I've used them so far:



  1. so cute! and my planner runs out in december... i think i see a trip to staples in my future!

  2. You should also check out for a planner....perfect size, weight, and fabulous-ness! Also make great gifts...


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