Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Coat

I mentioned back in this post that I found some fun things at an estate sale a couple of months ago. I also found two, absolutely amazingly beautiful things that I didn't purchase that day (the prices were a little steep for an estate sale): two remarkable wool coats from the 50s that happened to fit me like a glove. These coats were unbelievable (if I haven't mentioned that enough yet), and I don't ever even look at clothes at estate sales. But these coats were out on display, in mint condition, and had beautiful vintage silhouettes. If I would have bought those coats that day, I would've had to shell out about $100 for them, and since you can buy a new coat for that, plus I was already buying a twin bed for Levi and some other things at the sale, I passed.

On the last day of the sale (a Saturday), everything was 50% off. We were already overbooked that Saturday (running in a 5k, hosting a dinner for our dinner club, and preparing for a baby shower) and it left no time at all for driving an hour to see if either coat happened to be left at the sale. I sent my grandma a text (she was with me at the estate sale) that told her I was really regretting not getting at least one of the coats and if anyone (in the family) was in town that day, to run by and see if they were still there. She didn't reply so I just assumed she got it but was busy.

Well, a month later for my birthday, I unwrapped the most beautiful coat ever and it is now hanging in my coat closet. My grandma went back to the sale and got it on the last day (the other coat had sold). Without further ado, I will show it to you. :)


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