Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Party Pictures

For Levi's 2nd birthday party we had originally planned on inviting several of his little friends (and their parents - our friends) and some family and letting the kids eat cake and play outside...but 3 of his friends already had plans (vacations, etc) to be out of town on the day of his party...so we just had a family gathering for his party. The structure of the party changed a little, but we still had a wonderful time of celebrating Levi. I did things a little simpler than at his first birthday party - we just had brisket sandwiches and some sweets as we got to mingle with family that we don't get to see super often. The party started at the kickoff of the OU game, so we had some extra entertainment as well. It was a great time!

On a side note, the memories are great, but they were captured....not so well. I wasn't paying much attention and my camera settings were way off and so all of the pictures are blurry and terrible. There's always next year ;) I'm posting this mainly for those who didn't get to make it to the party for whatever reasons (both of my grandma's weren't able to be there, and also two aunts - for different and unexpected reasons - WE MISSED YOU!) Anyway, they have been asking for pictures, so here are some. Look past the blur and you can kind of make things out!

{Lesson learned: have the party earlier in the day!:) He was SO tired and about to fall asleep}
{Better once he realized it was cake}

I still didn't do a great job of getting a picture of everyone here. Again...there's always next year. I vow not to fail at pictures! It was a great party and I'm certain Levi had fun. We had it a week early and we are looking forward to celebrating with our little guy a little more intimately on his actual birthday this Friday.


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  2. love it!! SO MUCH FUN! so very sad we missed the festivities :( :( :(


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