Tuesday, January 17, 2012


To anyone who follows me on Instagram or Facebook, sorry for the double/triple dose of pictures you're getting here.

The last two weeks/weekends have been packed full of family fun (my apologies for the cheesy alliteration). We have watched a lot of basketball (my 6'5" baby brother is a senior in HS and is on fire on the court, which is fun!), celebrated two parents' birthdays and a friend's first birthday, and taken Levi to have a little fun in between.

Here are a few snapshots:

{Pointing at the sharks during an aquarium visit}
{Watching all the fish}
{Watching the sharks with Aunt Taylor - we got there right at feeding time}
{Levi, mom, Aunt Al, Hunter @ Harmony House for lunch}
{Kiddos - Levi, Janna, Hunter}
{Dad's birthday cupcakes}
{One of his more sensitive gifts}
{Dad's birthday party - notice the Elvis card - he shares the King's birthday}
{Paul & Allie}
{Dad and Mom}
{Visiting the playground in Grandad and Bon Bon's neighborhood}


{Not happy to stop for a picture}
{On a mission}

{...almost there!}
{Pure bliss!}

{The boy loves the slide}

{Aaaand again!}
{oh the anticipation}
{Celebrating Bon Bon's birthday - my phone flash is messed up/forgot my camera :( }

{Grananna asked them to sing to her for her birthday, too}

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