Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Red Sleigh

My sweet grandpa has always been good with his hands, and has made us several things over the years, but it has been several years since he has made anything, and I think everyone assumed he was not able to any more. On Christmas day, my grandparents walked in with this beautiful red sleigh full of presents and little family heirlooms for Levi (which was a huge surprise in itself because we don't exchange gifts with this side of the family).

Andad (what I call my grandpa) had made this beautiful sleigh for Levi, and Anna (what I call my grandma) said he had been planning it for quite some time. He is so great at things like this - there are no nails or screws in the sleigh - and the pieces come out so that it can be stored flat and not take up much space. I love this so much - and it is so, so special! I can't wait to use it every year for Christmas.  

{Anna, Andad, and Levi back in July}
{Levi and Andad early this Fall}

Thank you for making this Andad! We love it SO much and will cherish it forever!


  1. LOVE! i'm seeing a sweet christmas card picture next year!

  2. Amy! Great minds think alike!!!


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