Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Best Fried Pickles in Oklahoma

{The best fried pickles I've ever eaten}
Ok, so the title of this post may or may not be a little see, I haven't actually tried every fried pickle in the state - but I do know where to find the best ones I've ever eaten, and I can't imagine ever finding some that are better. Fried pickles are one of my most favorite foods. I'm not even crazy about fried food, but these I make an exception for. I don't eat them very often because of their effect on the waistline dietary and nutritional value, but I make an exception anytime I pass through the town of Poteau.

{Downtown Poteau, OK}
Poteau is home to Warehouse Willy's Restaurant (you can view their menu on urbanspoon), which is considered the "nicest" place to eat in Poteau. It's located in their historic downtown area, on Dewey Avenue. It's a great place to eat, has a great atmosphere, and is some of the best food around. I usually get a steak there and Tyler really enjoys their crawfish. 

{Warehouse Willy's, image via Poteau.ME}
{Warehouse Willy's Entrance}
{Warehouse Willy's Pickle Chips appetizer}
{Warehouse Willy's ribeye and potato wedges with their delicious gumbo}
Warehouse Willy's fried pickles are some of the best I've ever eaten, coming in at a close second right behind Myers Drive-In, also located in Poteau (what are the odds?). I love this place! It's an old-Sonic-turned-local-drive-in and one of my favorite places to stop (Tyler works a lot in this area and so we are here from time to time). If you are ever in the area you must stop here and try the fried pickles, and I suggest ordering an Arctic Whirl to go with it (ice cream mixed with pretty much any candy bar of your choice, similar to a Sonic Blast but much better).

{Myer's Drive-In, image via Poteau.ME}
{Myer's fried pickles, Y U M!}
{Myer's Oreo Arctic Whirl and Cookie Dough Arctic Whirl}

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