Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mr. Harrison's Fruit Stand

I have mentioned my local fruit stand in a few posts (like this one), and I thought I would share this sweet, charming little place that I frequent during the summer.

{Mr. Harrison}

Mr. Harrison is a dear, sweet farmer who we go to church with and he has had this little fruit stand out in front of his gardens for years. It is open during the summer months, and usually 24 hours a day. There is a cash box bolted to the wall, and if no one is there to take your money, you are suppose to add up what you get and put your money in the box. It's not very often that a place runs on the honor system anymore. If you ask Mr. Harrison what he does if someone doesn't pay for what they take, he'll just tell you that he's sure they needed it more than he did and it's alright.


I visited the stand today to get a couple pounds of okra, and I snapped some pictures while I was there. Today is a special day - it is the last day of over 100-degree-heat for a while (we've had almost 50 days of above-100-degree temps and tomorrow the high is 82 degrees!) and it is the season opener for Oklahoma Football { B O O M E R!!! }, so we celebrated this Labor Day weekend by cooking some mouth-watering-delicious steaks on the grill, along with hot links and fresh squash on the grill, some sautéd okra, wild rice and ice tea. It was delicious! I have never been more ready for Fall, but there's no reason why we can't still enjoy the fruits of summer while we're waiting, right? Happy L A B O R Day weekend!

{boomer sooner!!!}



  1. cute post! sounds like you all celebrated in style! :) i'm with you - i can't wait for the cooler temps. we should have a "welcome fall" party!

  2. Megan - thank you!! I agree - I can't think of a better thing to celebrate!


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